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The “right” space

You’re working “virtually”, or planning to, and that’s how you’ll make, or at least supplement your living.

Either way, who’s to say that you need an office like this one here.   It sure isn’t my home office –  a bit too bright for my taste.  But, it does have all the right stuff:  good lighting, business equipment, business furniture, space to work and move around a bit… organization of resource materials, and a spot for guests, or a rest.  Very nice!

Most importantly, this room appears to be dedicated to use as a home office.  That’s it.  Just thinking and being productive – no distractions.

The view is a terrific bonus of course.

For a home office, it’s important that people and activities on the other side of these walls respect the need for quiet and solitude.  Although that wouldn’t concern someone who does their best work wearing headphones with music blasting.

But no matter where or how you work – the home office, back porch, pool-side, or side of a mountain, the point is, don’t take for granted the importance of your work space setup.  It doesn’t need to be a traditional home office like this one, but to do your best work, you do need to be comfortable, focused, and uninterrupted.

Only you can know best what you need, but this website, “Virtual Living – Make Virtual Work For You” will help and advise you on all the ways you can make the most of this great way of life.

And if you’re stuck wondering what type of online business you might create for yourself that would enable you to work from home…or from anyplace, here’s a great solution for you to check-out now.

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions, and I’m here to help!



Share in your world!