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Looking to make more money on the side?  Not just for today – like selling things you can do without.  I mean, more money every day.

Wouldn’t you like to become financially free and secure for life?

Like many others you probably don’t earn enough from your current day job to do or have the things you want or even to make ends meet.

And, you’re not enjoying the work in the first place!  So, you have a side hustle, or you’re now thinking about doing something on the side to earn more.

See the article, “More than 44 million Americans have a side hustle” (Anna Bahney July 12, 2017 CNN Money  )

It isn’t spare change from a lemonade stand,” says Sarah Berger, of the Cashlorette blog at Bankrate ( ).   Among 86% earning extra money, 36% are making up to $500 every month.

These people are mostly young, aged 18 to 26. They’re still in that entry-level, starting salary range, and many are carrying student loans.

Younger millennials are more likely to have a side hustle,” says Berger. And it’s not surprising: “they know how to use the gig economy and turn their mobile phone into a money-making machine.

But these younger workers aren’t making as much from the side hustle as their elders.  Only 19% of young people make over $500 extra per month, compared to 50% of older people.  And, the older group (53 to 62) are earning $1,000 or more per month in extra cash.

No matter how old you are, if you’re going to spend more time and effort trying to earn more money, think about what you’d really like to be doing every day.  Think about what you could start doing that has potential to become your main source of income one day.

Choose something that’s a passion for you.  Two good reasons:

  1. You’ll look forward to it every day,
  2. Your efforts and genuine enthusiasm will be noticed by those who share your interest, they’ll pay for what you do, and they’ll refer you to others!

And that’s how it begins.

Your hobby can become a side hustle.  A favorite sport, a creative talent, or just a subject matter in which you have great knowledge can be turned into a real business and substantial income.

List and think about all the things you’d like to do or get involved in.  You don’t need to be an expert to begin with – as you focus your efforts, as you learn and become more involved, your interest and expanding knowledge or “authority” will be noticed by others and they’ll come to rely on you for it and refer you to others.

If you can narrow your list to a few things that you feel strongly about right now, that’s a great start!  But, you don’t need to think too hard or decide at this point.

Just click over to my article, “Earn money online THE RIGHT WAY” to see how you can get going with no risk or investment on your part.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them and I’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

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