Hate your job? Do what you love, and never work a day in your life!

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Love is passionate, and passion is the ultimate motivator!

Tony Robbins – author, motivator and life coach says, “passion is the genesis of genius”.   In other words, you have no idea of what you are capable of until passion fires up your brain and kicks you into high gear.

“Passion is the genesis of genius” – Tony Robbins

Like most people, you’re probably not loving your job…you might even hate your job.  Seriously, if you’re not loving what you do, find something that you DO love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Are you “into it”?

If you’re not into your work, you’re definitely not alone.  Fact, 5 out of 6 workers (>85%) are NOT “into” their work.  Maybe you don’t feel appreciated, or  it’s not going anywhere, or maybe it’s just not challenging or inspiring your best efforts.

Chances are you’ve never loved work because you’ve just taken jobs you know you “can do”.  Sometimes, a job looks like a great opportunity or a safe bet – but once you’re in it, you realize it’s not for you even if the money is good.

You need to have a job to pay the bills, support yourself… and your family too most likely.  Fair enough.  But if you “could” do something that you’re really into, and make money at it, wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Take charge of your life and your future

You’re driving this bus that is your life.  You ARE in charge.   No one is  more responsible for your happiness than you.  So if you’re not passionate or loving what you do, then I’m here to tell you that you CAN and NEED to do something about that.

Start right now.  You can start small – on the side if you wish, and work your way into it.  No risk, no upfront investment, no strings or gimmicks.  I promise.  Read on for just a few more paragraphs…

What to do…what to do?

Most people don’t know what to do, or even how to think about doing anything different than the things they’ve always done.   They don’t know what sort of “work” they could possibly be passionate about because the word WORK seems negative in the first place!

You may have heard: “the world is your oyster”

For the moment, forget about how you’ve always thought about working.  Let’s turn the way you think about making money inside out, upside down and start there.  Clear your mind.  Consider a world of possibilities.

First, make a list.  Simply ask yourself what things you really do like doing or talking about with friends and family?  Think: Hobbies, games, sports, cars, technology, health/fitness, art, music, shopping, travel, national or global issues…anything, there are no limits except what comes to mind.  Let’s keep things legal of course.

Second, add some specifics about each of your favorite things.  For example, if you said sports, which one(s), and are you watching, playing, coaching, or shopping for gear, clothing, collectibles, memorabilia, etc?  Or, are you just talking about it every chance you get to whomever will listen?

Fine, now focus on your absolute favorites.  Narrow things down to one or two to begin with.  Think a bit more:  what things do I already know a lot about?  Or, what do I really want to know more about? It’s up to you – the world is your oyster.

That’s a great start. These are your passions!

These things might change over time for you and that’s fine.  One thing is for sure, when you start spending more time and effort on your favorite things, and making money, you’ll be in charge of your life, your happiness, and your future!

Make your passion your living.  Love your life!

Your passion will inspire and motivate you.  It WILL unleash your genius.

Free  yourself to do more and more of what you love and you’ll become the very best possible version of yourself.  You deserve that.  And those around you will be amazed at the changes they see in you.

Can you get a job that’s all about your passion, and can you earn enough doing that?  If so, go for it!

If not, that’s fine.  You’ve already taken your first step here today toward doing what you know you’d rather be doing…what you’d love to be doing.

So, what’s next?

Try channeling your passion into action through a legitimate online marketing program that can teach you all you need to know and support you 24/7.  

You should try one that is completely free and with no obligations.  If you ultimately find it’s not for you for any reason, just stop – let it go.  Simple as that.

I’m betting that you WILL find what you’ve been looking for, and that you’ll just go for it – you’ll take charge of your life, your happiness, and your future.

What do you have to lose? Zero, nothing.

If you have any questions about online marketing,  you want to chime in with your own insights, or you have any other questions related to affiliate/internet marketing, leave them below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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2 thoughts on “Hate your job? Do what you love, and never work a day in your life!”

  1. Until April of this year I had not really heard of Affiliate Marketing, but I spotted a scammy ad (just like you mentioned) on You Tube, they had me hooked, I could make $1000 in my first month if I did exactly as they mentioned.

    But I decided to do some research and came across two, one of which was Affiliate Marketing, I was impressed then and am still. Your blog post is clean and uncluttered offering a glimpse then a good look into the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.

    I hope anyone reading this sees just exactly what you are promoting. I read right until the very end, all of your posts and you had me right until the last full stop.


    1. Hi Cordelia, Unfortunately, disappointment is all that so many have found in pursuit of a legitimate means of building and online business. It’s a real “mine-field” of risky ventures out there that can seem very compelling especially when guaranteeing quick money in almost no time…and with very little effort of course! I was fortunate to come across Mike Lambert’s very sincere and convincing referral to Wealthy Affiliate. I hope my website and my writing will help others discover this community and this great resource for learning how to launch successful businesses online.
      It’s wonderful to have your feedback Cordelia – I’m very grateful to you for reviewing my site and posts! All the best to you!

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