Does “fast money” interest you?

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Be careful what you wish for

“Fast money” google search is almost 6.5 BILLION results (Dec 2019).  That’ll keep you busy.

The top result is “Fast Money –” which is America’s post-market show featuring a roundtable of top traders talking about investor news. There are many other shows on the topic, as well as systems and schemes offering to teach people how to make vast riches in no time at all.

The idea of “fast money” is perplexing to most people.  Indeed, if it weren’t, there wouldn’t be so much to say about it online. Image result for fast money free images

And it’s not a magic trick, although it can be tricky to pull off.  It can even be  perilous.

What I mean is, a lot of what’s online about making money fast is misrepresented, misleading, and even false and fraudulent.

If you head down the wrong path, you can be ruined.  Proceed with caution.

A better starting point – “passive income”

“Passive income” google search returns just only about 250 million results and refers to earning a recurring source of income… with relatively little effort invested over time.Image result for passive income free images

That’s still a massive source of information to begin to your research.  However, in my opinion, the notion of passive income is suggestive of more legitimate ways to make money.

Still, many of the contributors in this area of online interest are just as nefarious as for “fast money” so careful scrutiny is advised.

Narrowing your focus – “blogging”

“Earn money blogging” google search returns just 121 million results.  This is all about placing ads on your website that, ideally, are relevant to your blog discussion and the interests of people visiting your website.

And one of the first suggestions is to also include “affiliate links” on your website which of course will pay you for directing traffic to another website having products or services for them to purchase.   You earn a commission.

The key for all of this is that you need to have a website that’s attracting people that will convert to purchasers of products/services featured on your site.  If you don’t know how to build an effective and efficient website that will attract an audience, then this next section is for you.

Earn money online – The Right Way

A great and legitimate way to earn money online for a passive income is to build a website and begin blogging about your interests that you believe others will share.   In addition to blogging, you place ads and affiliate links there directing them to relevant products and services that would pay you a commission.

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t know how to build a website or how to market a site to attract people who would be interested in the products or services featured on a site.    And maybe they also don’t know that first thing about blogging either.

If any of that describes you, don’t be discouraged.   You can jump-start your efforts by partnering with an affiliate networking resource who will  support all your needs from day one, and throughout your life online.

Follow this link to find out more from my blog post about affiliate marketing. 

OR, just click on this graphic to visit the great team I partner with today.

Thanks and feel free to share with your world on social media and comment or ask me any questions on your way.   I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Does “fast money” interest you?”

  1. Great advice! There’s no legit way of making “fast money” on the internet. If anyone is looking to make money online and get rich quick, it’s a scam! Beware of the promises out there! I lost money to a few online programs that promised me to great results. I got no where! I started to feel discouraged because I didn’t know who to trust?

    Finally, I found Wealthy Affiliate a couple months ago. I joined their free starter membership and was very impressed. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch for sure! Without Wealthy Affiliate, I would not of known how to properly build my website and market to “the right” people. It truly is an “all-in-one training platform. I am very thankful for that. Makes learning a whole lot easier!

    For anyone who has been searching how to earn money online the right way, Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform I trust!

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